• Designed for the high power application in RF industries (up to over 100 kW at 1 – 40 MHz)
  • Patented triplex-water-cooling allows the use of industry water up to 6 bars without compromising the bellows
  • Wide tuning range up to 100:1 from Cmax to Cmin
  • Improved RoHS compliant drive system for long lifetime over 1 million cycles
  • Available as a motorized and non-motorized vacuum capacitor


  • Semiconductor
  • Flat Panel Display 

Technical Specifications

Capacitance Cmax range
350 - 2500 pF
Upt range  20 - 55 kV

max. current Irms at 13.56 MHz

443 Arms
Inductance  ≤ 21 nH
Diameter  183 mm
Height  295 mm
Cooling System Water
RoHS conform Available



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