• One driver PCB for new Integrated Drives (ID-400 and ID-1200)
  • Same communication Comet protocol RS232 and RS485
  • Flexible baud rate between 9.600 and 115.200 Bd
  • Connect up to 32 modules in RS485 mode
  • Readout of full-step, micro-step and capacitance position
  • Capacitance table with higher resolution on request


  • Accurate alignment of variable vacuum capacitor and stepper-motor and a durable, backlash-free coupling result inlong, consistent lifetime
  • Assembled solution for easy installation for higher system uptime and productivity
  • Highly accurate repeatability of capacitance positions
  • Lower total cost of ownership


  • Semiconductor
  • Flat Panel Display 

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage

+24 VDC
Supply current < 0.9 Apeak (ID-400)
< 2.0 Apeak (ID-1200)
Full-step angle 1.8 °

Motor speed

up to 600 rpm

Micro-stepping 16 micro-steps
Operating temperature 0 – +50 °C
Available interfaces RS232, RS485
Address range (RS485) 0 x 21 – 0 x 40
Baud rate 9.600 – 115.200 Bd



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