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Vacuum Capacitors

With more than 50 years of experience in designing vacuum capacitors, Comet Plasma Control Technologies combines expertise and technology to meet your demand for high performance vacuum capacitors.

A broad range of capacitors for all needs guarantees you highest performance, repeatability and reliability of your tools. They are produced with the best materials, fabrication processes and quality standards. Choose from our standard products or let our R&D team design capacitors for your specific application.

Comet Vacuum Capacitors are recommended to improve the performance of equipment used in the Semiconductor, Flat Pannel Display, Battery and Broadcast industry. Finetune text / link to "Solutions"


Frequency range MHz


Voltage range kV


Current range A

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Can intentionally and repeatedly be changed



Single, fixed capacitance value



Between fixed and variable



Mororized capacitors


Integrated Drive

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Vacuum Capacitor product range

Check out the Vacuum Capacitor product finder for the broadest selection of capacitance, power, voltage and drive systems in the markets. And if you need support in choosing the right Vacuum Capacitor for your specific needs, please reach out to the global Comet sales team. We are happy to help you finding the right solution.

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If your required product solution is not within our standard portfolio, we have the expertise to design and manufacture Vacuum Capacitors that meet your specific needs. The unique modular and customized design allows a high degree of flexibility in production and guarantees the delivery of special types on short notice.

Unbeaten Features

For sophisticated Vacuum Capacitor applications


Advanced capacitor portfolio for low frequency applications

Ultra Life

Longer life drive system

High current, compact

Hybrid-cooling technology

ID with encoder

Universal motorized capacitor with encoder

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A compact summary of the Comet Vacuum Capacitor expertise and product range can also be found in our catalogue. Have a look online or order your print version. Link contact

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