• Smallest size and rugged design
  • Very high self-resonant frequency
  • Lowest Cmin values and low torque
  • High voltage relative to small size
  • Integrated flanges for easy installation
  • Antimagnetic lead screws for research or medical applications like nucelar magnetic resonance imaging systems

Technical Features

Capacitance Cmax in pF 30 - 125
Upt Range in kV 5 - 20
Irms Range in Arms 16 - 36
Inductance in nH ≤ 8
Diameter in mm 35
Height in mm 99 - 108
Cooling System Convection
RoHS conform Available

Service Bulletins

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Information on product applications and technical background

Specific Service Bulletins:

SB-27 Installation of Vacuum Capacitors
SB-52 Technical Recommendations
SB-56 Vacuum Capacitor Lifetime

Data Sheets

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