When small adjustments are necessary

Trimmer capacitors are Vacuum Capacitors between fixed and variable, providing a solution to the demand for very accurate fixed capacitors. It is used where small adjustments are needed to meet an individual circuit tolerance or to compensate for slight differences per tool and tool “drift” over time.

As the Mini-Tune series is a modified version of our Mini-Caps in the C-, D- and E-geometries, the same body sizes allow easy interchangeability with the corresponding standard Mini-Caps.


  • Ability to compensate for small, but critical, impedance differences from match to match
  • Compensate for tool “drift” over time
  • Tool for fine tuning during design and development phase
  • Usable for a very precise voltage divider
  • Less expensive than an automatic solution


  • Tunable with a no. 3 hex key
  • Self-locking screw
  • Exactly and precisely adjustable +/– 1.7 turns for +/– 5 pF
  • Even trimmable after mounting in the match
  • Other C-values available on request


  • Broadcast
  • Industrial 

Technical Specifications

Cnominal  range

12 - 440 pF
Upt range  15 - 34 kV

max. current IRMS at 13.56 MHz

14 - 175 ARMS
Diameter  48, 64 mm
Height  65 - 95 mm
Cooling system Convection
RoHS conform Yes



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