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High current compact


Vacuum Capacitors with hybrid-cooling technology

Combining the most useful features of Comet’s vacuum capacitors, along with a new special cooling technology. This allows the use of high current in a compact size Vacuum Capacitor.

Comet hybrid-cooling technology has been developed as an extension of the well-known Hexa-Con product range. The first hybrid-cooled,
small size Vacuum Capacitor series
enables the use of higher power while keeping the same footprint, resulting in lower cost of ownership.
When comparing diameter versus power density, the Hexa-Con series with hybrid-cooling technology is best in class.

> Hybrid-cooling technology can be applied to all types of Hexa-Con and Maxi-Con series and further tailored to your needs.

> Option: integrated drive systems

Power improvement   > 40%

Higher power density   40%


  • Long lifetime
  • Low torque
  • More than 40% power increase
  • Efficient use of matchbox space


  • Hybrid-cooling technology
  • High power design
  • 40% higher current
  • Small form factor
  • Ultra-life drive system

Comparison of cooling types

(Hexa-Con series)

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