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Ultra Life

Longer life drive system

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For low frequency applications

High power density in processing modules is a requirement of many RF matchbox designers.

With the XtraVolt low frequency Vacuum Capacitor product range Comet meets these needs with higher voltage capability compared to standard products. This allows significant higher voltage in a compact size vacuum capacitor keeping the same form factor.

In high frequency application, current is mostly limited by heat dissipation while in low frequency application current is limited by maximum working voltage. The XtraVolt low frequency vacuum capacitors with higher field strength capability can achieve higher voltage. This allows increased RF current capability and higher power density.

Recommended for frequencies

< 4 MHz

Increased power

 > 40 %


  • 20 – 100% increased voltage (below 4 MHz), depending on Vacuum Capacitor types
  • High power density
  • Efficient use of matchbox space
  • Increased design flexibility for your RF match architecture
  • Higher voltage & higher current in standard size capacitor
  • Same voltage specification in smaller size capacitor

> Customization for your unique application possible on request

> Applicable to most existing Vacuum Capacitor series
   (variable, fixed or Trimmer capacitors)

XtraVolt product range versus standard product range

Comparison of XtraVolt and standard types for Mini-Cap, Uni-Con and Hexa-Con series

Current curve of a XtraVolt Mini-Cap

CFMN-100CAC/15-AE-G standard product
CFMN-100HAC/20-AE-G low frequency

Advanced Technologies

Ultra Life

Longer life drive system

Increase the reliability and useful lifetime of your Impedance Matching Network with the best Vacuum Capacitors along with the latest drive system technology.

To enable the technology inflections in the semiconductor industry, more RF applications are necessary. The increasing number of etch/deposition processes results in an increased number of necessary tools. Production processes become faster, single steps are shorter and more frequent, and the demands on equipment grow.

The lifetime of Vacuum Capacitors – which are the critical parts of Impedance Matching Networks – is mainly determined by time-to-failure of its moving parts, the bellows and drive systems. Comet has continually improved its capacitors over many years to meet and answer the formidable challenging requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Drive system components
last at least

3 x longer


  • Designed for 600 and 1200 RPM for fast match tuning
  • Lifetime up to 100 million turns
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available for most Comet capacitors
  • Customized types available

Avoid system breakdowns

Friction in the drive system may cause particle formations, increased torque, leading to binding and finally result in failure. Comet Ultra Life drive systems increase capacitor and matching network lifetime by three or more times over existing products. Comet improvements ensure trouble free operation and lifetime up to 100 million turns.

Drive System Lifetime Comparison

(Hexa-Con series)

Advanced Technologies

High current compact

Vacuum Capacitors with hybrid-cooling technology

Combining the most useful features of Comet’s vacuum capacitors, along with a new special cooling technology. This allows the use of high current in a compact size Vacuum Capacitor.

Comet hybrid-cooling technology has been developed as an extension of the well-known Hexa-Con product range. The first hybrid-cooled, small size capacitor series offers users the best of both worlds: the compact size allows the use of higher power and users benefit from not having to increase footprint and hence lower cost of ownership at the same time. When comparing diameter versus power density, the Hexa-Con series with hybrid-cooling technology is best in class.

> Hybrid-cooling technology can be applied to all types of Hexa-Con and Maxi-Con series on demand

> Option: integrated drive solutions

Power improvement

> 40 %

Higher power density

40 %


  • High current
  • Long lifetime
  • Low torque
  • More than 40% power increase
  • Efficient use of matchbox space


  • Hybrid-cooling technology
  • High power design
  • 40% higher power density than standard product
  • Small form factor
  • Ultra-life drive system

Comparison of cooling types

(Hexa-Con series)

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