Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform

RF Matching Network

Built for speed, accuracy, precision and repeatability.

The Synertia® RFM works in powerful synergy with the Synertia® RFG. Precise sensors and an enhanced tuning algorithm in the matching network ensure consistent and stable plasma processes.


  • Precise and repeatable input/output sensors
  • Advanced multi-level pulsing with the user's ability to set custom tuning parameters
  • Ability to work with a combination of various tuning elements
  • Onboard monitoring and diagnostics to assist with preventive maintenance
  • Ultra wide-band sensors


  • Continuous process improvement via real time signal processing and data collection
  • Superior process control and repeatability with fully digital and customizable controls
  • Consistent, stable RF plasma with enhanced tuning algorithm
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with improved MTBF and enhanced reliability
  • Robust design with RF expertise, state-of-the-art modeling/virtual prototyping and extensive library of RF tuning circuits

Technical data

Frequencies 400 kHz - 100 MHz
Input power 600 W to 20 kW
Output V/l max. current (~150 ARMS),
max. voltage (10 kVpeak)
Pulsing Single, dual and multi-level
User interface EtherCAT®, RS232, analog, advanced user interface (ProfiNet® and DeviceNet® coming soon)
Optional sensor capabilities Vpp, Vdc and others


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Synertia® RFG

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