The future of plasma control.

Powerful command and control of plasma conditions at highest speed.

Synertia® is Comet's new integrated RF Power Delivery Platform that enables unprecedented power control. A system that allows to manage the complexities of multi-layer next-generation memory and atomic-scale plasma processes. Disruptive process technology in the plasma chamber, enabled by Comet's RF power sub-systems, makes wafer processing tools ready for the workloads of the future.


Synertia® is described as

1 + 1 = 3

Synertia® is the powerful synergy between RF Generator and RF Matching Networks. In Synertia® the unique, patented controls of Generator and Match interact at highest possible speeds. These actionable insights enable more complex plasma applications than have ever been possible before.

The Synertia® platform consists of RF Generators and RF Matching Networks with a wide range of frequencies and power levels.

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Synertia® RFM

Synertia® RF Matching Network


Synertia® RFG

Synertia® RF Generator


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