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Semiconductors are an essential component of all electronic devices; they are the foundation of today’s digital world. Today, the semiconductor industry is facing an unprecedented level of demand driven by the proliferation of Big Data, IoT/IIoT, autonomous vehicles, and 5G. 

With the accelerating migration to next-generation technology, and the changes in device architecture relating to both logic and memory (3D NAND and DRAM), an advanced level of control is required to create precise atomic-scale features within every device.  Device technologies are continuously evolving to meet the requirements for lower power, higher speed, and smaller form factors.

Comet is the market leader in Vacuum Capacitors and RF Impedance Matching Networks, as well as the sole vertically integrated manufacturer of RF power delivery systems. We offer an advanced intelligent power control that enables the precise plasma performance required for all leading semiconductor applications delivering high-yield, high-quality wafers.

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Deposition is the process of depositing a thin layer of film on the surface of a wafer; the material can be either conducting or insulating.

Plasma is used in key deposition processes including Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). For these processes, RF power and matching networks are used to ignite and control the plasma and yield superior results.

Plasma-enabled deposition processes use lower-temperature and higher deposition rates. Well-controlled plasma processes enable high quality uniform film deposition and structure. This results in high yield device manufacturing.

We offer reliable and repeatable solutions with precise power control for today’s leading-edge technology and tomorrow’s new generation of complex semiconductor processes.



Etch is the process of selectively removing unwanted material from the surface of a wafer to create desired features. The process of removing metals is called conductor etch, and the process of removing insulating material is called dielectric etch. Comet offers unique and enabling solutions for both types of etch applications.

In today’s IC manufacturing, virtually all etch processes are done with plasma. Most plasma applications utilize RF power generators and matching networks to ignite and control the plasma. Over the past 30 years there has been a significant increase in the number of plasma process recipe steps and their complexity. In High Aspect Ratio (HAR) features, the etch process demands a precise level of control at every step of the process to create the characteristics of tall, thin features without removing the underlying materials. 

Comet has extensive experience with these extremely challenging atomic-level processes, and our technologies enable advanced plasma control technology.

We can create a customized, controlled, and consistent RF power delivery system with a broad frequency and power offering. This allows our customers to precisely control the plasma performance, leading to a high-yield and high-quality wafers.

Our engineering experts design and develop RF power solutions for many industries.


Flat Panel Display

The Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry includes the cost sensitive Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) market and the emerging Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology market. Comet offers solutions for both LCD and OLED technology and our products are used in the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) backplane and OLED Thin Film Encapsulation (TFE).

The LCD market is highly competitive and cost sensitive. Comet recognizes the pressure that FPD manufacturers are under, and has created vacuum capacitors and impedance matching network designs to meet their cost, performance and reliability requirements.

Variable Vacuum Capacitors are specifically designed for high power, high density applications and can be used as an integrated part of an OEM system in our Comet match design or a “Build to Print” match design.

The emerging OLED market requires a high performance TFT backplane as well as encapsulation to reduce moisture damage to the thin films. Our high performance Uni-Con variable capacitor used in our Comet Match along with our cito RF Generator is enabling manufacturers to create equipment and processes to address these challenges.



RF Power in a PECVD process will enable the next generation of batteries. Thin-film batteries are often manufactured using same techniques as semiconductors such as sputtering and thermal evaporation. Materials are deposited one layer at a time, and the battery components are assembled piece by piece.


More applications

Medical MRI

Linear pulse power amplifiers are a crucial component of MRI technology; they are needed to produce the images medical professionals rely on to make sophisticated diagnoses.

Comet specializes in high linear power amplifiers for high field MRI and NMR applications, mainly in the high end range of 3 Tesla to 11.7 Tesla. This corresponds to operating frequencies as high as 500 MHz.


RF can be used for encapsulation, heating, welding, medical procedures, food packaging and many other adjacent markets. With atmospheric plasma equipment, RF plasma can be used for commercial surface modifications or coatings.

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