Synertia® RF Generator

Users fully control the unique performance accelerators of Synertia® RFG, including repeatability, multi-level pulsing and high-speed communication. This responsiveness provides actionable insights and enables more complex plasma applications than have ever been possible before: a new level of deep control. 

Comet RF Generator product range

13 - 60

MHz Frequency

0.6 - 6

kW Power

Comet offers full feature RF generators with pulsing and precise power control.

  • Highly efficient design
  • Latest LDMOS technology
  • Pulsing up to 100 kHz
  • Active or passive front panel
  • Analog and serial communication options
  • Input voltage from 200 VAC to 480 VAC
  • CEX initiator/receiver with phase synchronization

cito Plus

The best choice for plasma deposition and etch applications


The most versatile option for your processes control.

Matched performance

RF power delivery system, combining match and generator

RF Generator

cito Plus

Designed for highest stability into dynamic

cito Plus offers superior pulsing quality, stability and power measurement accuracy, making it the best choice for plasma deposition and etch applications, as well as for non-semiconductor applications.

  • High up time - focus on throughput and lower operating costs
  • Value in accuracy, repeatability and stability - meet your process requirements
  • Higher power efficiency - better economics and environmental friendly footprint


  • Symmetrical open loop response
  • High accuracy power control
  • Pulsing up to 100 kHz
  • CEX with variable phase delay
  • CEX output frequency divider
  • SEMI compliant


  • Predictable plasma behavior
  • Easy system integration
  • Repeatable wafer results
  • Stable with any cable length
  • Superior pulse shape into any load
  • Worldwide compatibility with most production equipment

Load power into 3:1 VSWR

Symmetrical open loop response

Consider cito Plus for upgrades and replacements

  • Better stability over what is on the tools now
  • Can be used for Bias and source

The Plug & Play system offers you

  • Available interfaces: Analog, RS-232C, Ethernet, Profibus, Matching network control
  • Coaxial cable insensitivity – no need to adjust for length – keep the same cables
  • Air-cooled, no cooling lines
  • Easy user friendly front panel control or passive panel
  • AC input large range covered 230 V AC nominal, single phase


RF Generator


Powered by LDMOS FET technology for precise process control.

Robust designs, which incorporate fewer parts, result in greater operating efficiency, stability and reliability, lower heat build up and lower power consumption.


  • Latest LDMOS FET based amplifiers for robustness and stability
  • Extremely efficient and reliable design for low cost of ownership
  • Extensive features accessible via active front panel or custom GUI
  • Suitable for semiconductor, OLED TFE, solar and industrial coating applications

Comet RF delivery system

Matched performance

High performance, high reliability and precise control of plasma processes at a competitive price.

Build your RF delivery system by combining a Comet cito Plus generator and an AGS Impedance Matching Network.



A compact summary of Comet's RF expertise and the product range can also be found in our catalogue. Have a look online or order your print version.


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