Flexible and affordable

  • Ideal for non-critical semiconductor and thin film applications
  • Best value without full price
  • Full user interface with Comet RF generators
  • Adjustable tap settings for wide tune ranges in a compact design
  • Pulsing compatible with Comet RF generators

Target market segments

  • Solar
  • R&D
    - Semiconductor design and development
    - Universities
  • Industrial coatings





RF output

W 13 MHz 27 MHz 40 MHz    
1000 X X X Air 7/16 DIN, MC10, Mount Bar
2000     X Air MC10, Mount Bar
3000 X     Air MC10, Mount Bar
5000 X     Water MC10, Mount Bar

Matched performance

Build your RF delivery system by combining an AGS Impedance Matching Network and a Comet cito Plus RF Generator.

High performance, high reliability and precise control of plasma processes at a competitive price.


Build to Specifitation

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