Coaxial and control cable sets

For all our coaxial cable sets we are using highest quality Mil-spec. coaxial cables.

RF Power Cables

Coaxial cable sets of CC-type are employing RG213/U

The dielectric is made from PE. These coaxial cables are economical and a good choice for connecting RF Generator with Matching Network.


Coaxial cable sets of CCT-type employ RG393/U

The dielectric is PTFE (Teflon) which stands for lowest losses and high temperature capability.

Max. power capability of CC and CCT cables versus frequency:




13.56 MHz 1.500 W 10.000 W
27.12 MHz 1.250 W 8.000 W
40.68 MHz 1.000 W 6.000 W
60 MHz 800 W 5.000 W
80 MHz 600 W 4.000 W
100 MHz 500 W 3.500 W

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