Integrated drive solutions for high-precision operation

March 18, 2024

With great enthusiasm we're unveiling the next generation of motorized Vacuum Capacitors ensuring highest accuracy. Equipped with the latest controller technology, Comet's integrated drive systems are designed to reach high precision capacitance control.

Comet motorized capacitors offer the latest integrated drive technology for Vacuum Capacitors at best price-performance ratio. A single communication protocol for RS232 and RS485 provides flexibility in a wide range of applications.


Motorized Capacitors are the ideal solution for high-precision operation. Besides ensuring highest accuracy, motorized capacitors simplify procurement with an easy-to-install subsystem.

The core component of the Universal Motorized Capacitor is a Comet variable Vacuum Capacitor, mounted with an insulating cover, coupler and stepper-motor. A durable, backlash-free Comet-coupler connects the capacitor to the drive system. Integrated flanges ensure easy mounting in the system. Appropriate high-voltage insulation between the capacitor and motor flange is also included.

Reaching high precision capacitance control with motorized capacitors

Latest controller technology combined with Ultra-life drive system

Higher communication speed

One protocol for either interface

High positioning accuracy and repeatability

Precise positioning

Technical highlights


Capacitance Cmax range

100 – 2000 pF



Upt range

3 – 25 kV



max. current IRMS at 13.56 MHz

72 – 170 ARMS



Supply voltage

+24 VDC



Supply current

Ip < 1.1 A (ID-400)
Ip < 2.8 A (ID-1200)

Advanced features

  • One driver PCB for new Integrated Drives
    (ID-400 and ID-1200)
  • Same communication Comet protocol for RS232 and RS485
  • Flexible baud rate between 9.600 and 115.200 Bd
  • Connect up to 32 modules in RS485 mode
  • Readout of full-step, micro-step and capacitance position
  • Capacitance table with higher resolution on request

Key benefits

  • Improved capacitance positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Increased capacitance resolution (position control) to 0.01 pF
  • Accurate alignment of variable vacuum capacitor and stepper motor and a durable, backlash free coupling result in long, consistent lifetime
  • Assembled solution for easy installation
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Efficient use of matchbox space

Two sizes available for your needs





Other series on request

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Hexa-Con: on request

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Maxi-Con: on request

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Specific needs?

If your required product solution is not within our standard portfolio, we have the expertise to design and manufacture motorized Vacuum Capacitors that meet your customized requirements.

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