Comet PCT recognized for ESG commitment

November 20, 2023

Comet earned the ESG award from Lam Research, our valuable customer due to its steadfast alignment with our core values and commitment to environmental, social, and governance principles.

At Comet, we do business in a responsible and sustainble manner: this is part of our ethics, our strategy and value propositions for customers, investors and employees. 

From sustainable sourcing practices to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, Comet consistently mirrored Lam Reserach’s dedication to responsible business conduct.

Comet’s initiatives not only met regulatory standards but went above and beyond, contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. This alignment with Lam’s core values demonstrated a shared commitment to ethical business practices, making Comet a deserving recipient of the ESG award.




"By cultivating an environment where sustainability is valued and prioritized, we can drive a meaningful change to maximize the positive impact we have on our customer's businesses." 

Kamran Sheikh
Sr Manager
Comet Plasma Control Technologies USA 

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