Comet’s unique type designation system identifies the characteristics of our precise Vacuum Capacitors.

September 19, 2023

Our type designation system gives each Vacuum Capacitor a unique code that reveals its particular features.

Every one of the 8 billion-plus people in the world has a unique set of fingerprints. They serve as a distinctive identifier for each of us. Our fingerprint pattern reveals a lot about our character, behavior, and strengths.

Similarly, Comet’s type designation system identifies each Vacuum Capacitor in our line in a distinct and unique way.

In 1965, Comet manufactured the first serial batch of Vacuum Capacitors for the broadcasting market in Switzerland. To easily designate the different types of Vacuum Capacitors, Comet introduced a type designation system. 

A type designation system is a combination of letters and numbers arranged in a specific sequence to provide a unique identification for an item.

Similar to a human fingerprint, each type designation is unique and personal.

Comet has developed many new types of capacitors over the years, parts enhanced, so we gave the type designation system an upgrade in 2004. Now it's easier than ever to quickly distinguish the different capacitor types and specifications at a glance.

Understanding the system

The type designation is divided into two parts:


The block describes the main body of the capacitor. Its name is derived from the capacitor family and the maximum capacitance. One block is used for multiple products with different variant configurations.


The variant indicates the mechanical interfaces (like lead screw shaft and mounting flanges) and any options (like optical sensors or tighter capacitance tolerance).

Type designation in detail


Example of a variable Vacuum Capacitor


Example of a fixed Vacuum Capacitor

Our type designation system means the name is a unique identifier that can easily be deciphered to instantly reveal the features of any capacitor type.

You want to learn more?

Understand the meaning behind the letters in our type designation.

Use our reference list to find the correct type designation for older capacitors.

Find the right Vacuum Capacitor for your application.

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