Synertia® – Ultra-Fast, Smart Plasma Control

September 05, 2023

Synertia®, Comet’s RF Power Delivery Platform, offers a new level of real-time insight. It saves time, boosts yield, reduces downtime, and improves the stability of the plasma process.

Ultra-fast response

Comet’s Synertia® platform enables real-time insights into plasma processes at a whole new level. The RF generator Synertia® RFG has an unbeaten response time to changes in the plasma chamber. High-speed data acquisition combined with fast measuring time and low-latency digital signal processing ensures quick adaption and improved control and process yield.

Critical problems and challenges are solved faster for both semiconductor tool manufacturers and end-user chip production customers. This leads to significant time and money savings and a faster time to market for new products.

Stable, reliable, repeatable plasma control

Synertia®‘s quick response time keeps power delivery stable in rapidly changing process conditions. Additionally, users benefit from low-latency in the data transmission to the tool, which is lightning-fast due to the configurable EtherCAT® interface that also ensures streamlined system integration.

Integrated advanced functionalities

Synertia® is suitable for a broad range of applications requested by chip manufacturers. The AFT algorithm allows the RF generator to quickly adapt to the plasma process, and arc management helps mitigate wafer damage and boost productivity. Additionally, the integrated measurement studio saves money in lab equipment, and applications like the advanced oscilloscope functions allow direct access to crucial process parameters.  

Co-optimized RF power source

RF systems can achieve optimal performance only if the RF power generator and corresponding matching network are optimally synchronized and communicating in real time. That’s what Synertia® is all about: Highly synergized RF power delivery subsystems control atomic-scale plasma processes and accelerate performance.


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Product information

Problem solving included

Synertia® combines decades of design experience with the latest technology. But what makes it really special is the people behind the product who are driven to help their customers innovate and solve problems at ever-rising levels of complexity. That’s why Synertia® is backed by a comprehensive development, testing and qualification infrastructure.

Product recommendations

Synertia® RFG 15/13

1.5 kW / 13.56 MHz

Synertia® RFG 25/13

2.5 kW / 13.56 MHz

Synertia® RFG 50/13

5 kW / 13.56 MHz

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