Synertia® – Problem solving included

July 06, 2023

Synertia®, is Comet’s integrated RF Power Delivery Platform that allows to manage the complexities of multi-layer next-generation memory and atomic-scale plasma processes integral to the production of microchips.

When Comet developed Synertia®, it was not only building a new generation of RF Power Generators. It was also building a comprehensive development, testing and qualification infrastructure unmatched in its commitment to customer support – including 24/7 troubleshooting availability. Read on to learn why the Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform is so much more than a product.

Full customer orientation with Synertia®

Worldwide teams

Specialists in high-frequency technology, embedded software, material science, digitalization and more ensure Comet customers get the best and immediate R&D support around the clock (and, if needed, on site).

Modern environment

Comet’s high-power RF smartLABs form a worldwide interlinked lab environment for prototyping, in-the-loop testing, and automated data-driven design verification. This modern environment allows fastest qualification of new functions or provides the possibility of duplicating/analyzing field problems extremely fast. And not only our labs are fully dedicated to the needs of the semiconductor industry: The Synertia® RF power generators are manufactured at a new high-tech production site in Aachen.

Digital tool & process chain

Digitalized processes increase efficiency and enhance the collaboration between the global Comet team and customers worldwide. This enables more complex and sustainable solutions that are fully traceable and transparent.

Progressive technology

The signal processing and data streaming capabilities of the Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform offer a new level of process and yield optimization. More than 1000 parameters are monitored and analyzed. Additionally, a high-frequency measurement studio built into the Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform replaces the individual RF instruments that were previously required in each RF lab.

The bottom line?

New applications enabled by Synertia® and its data driven abilities help identify and solve problems faster to save time, improve yield, reduce downtime and launch processes faster.

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Product information


Synertia®, Comet’s RF Power Delivery Platform, offers a new level of real-time insight. It saves time, boosts yield, reduces downtime, and improves the stability of the plasma process.

Product recommendations

Synertia® RFG 15/13

1.5 kW / 13.56 MHz

Synertia® RFG 25/13

2.5 kW / 13.56 MHz

Synertia® RFG 50/13

5 kW / 13.56 MHz

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