Comet's Service Bulletins: your key to the Vacuum Capacitors knowledge.

May 31, 2023

Our Service Bulletins contain a wealth of technical know-how related to our Vacuum Capacitors.

The idea
behind Comet's Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins (SB) contain recommendations and in-depth information related to selecting, testing, installing, operating and maintaining Vacuum Capacitors.

Comet uses Service Bulletins as a format to simplify communication about our Vacuum Capacitors with customers worldwide. The Service Bulletins are published to provide a flow of information between our customers, subsidiaries, representatives, our most important partners, and Comet Plasma Control Technologies.

Increase your Vacuum Capacitors efficiency and productivity by consulting our Service Bulletins.

For any open questions regarding Vacuum Capacitor, customers are trained to consult our online library of Service Bulletins. They provide a general overview but also very specific and easy accessible data about handling, mounting, maintenance, expected lifetimes and other valuable topics related to our Vacuum Capacitors. They are easy-to-read and help with everything from the design phase to the realization of building up a Matching Network. 

Easy-to-understand to help you with specific needs.

Mark Mildner
R&D Director Comet Plasma Control Technologies Switzerland

"Technical documentation matters.
It helps engineers understand
how our products work."

The Service Bulletins are serially numbered and classified in categories.

General Information

Technical Background Information


Capacitors Series


Cooling System

Drive System

Get your
Service Bulletins

Comet is providing all Service Bulletins on the website.

50 years of experience in designing Vacuum Capacitors

With more than 50 years of experience in designing Vacuum Capacitors, Comet Plasma Control Technologies combines expertise and technology to meet your demand for high performance Vacuum Capacitors.

Our broad range of capacitors will guarantee you highest performance, repeatability and reliability of your tools. They are produced with the best materials, fabrication processes and quality standards. Choose from our standard products or let our R&D team design capacitors for your specific application.

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