A new generation of plasma control tools

May 25, 2023

Plasma processes necessary to manufacture the advanced structures of the new generation of micro-chips continue to grow in difficulty.

Why is a new generation of plasma control tools necessary?

Semiconductor fabs are home to most advanced technology manufacturing. In the last decade, the semiconductor chip manufacturing has been faced with increasing demands in critical areas including 3D geometry with high aspect ratios, ever-growing layer stacks and complex material combinations. 

The plasma processes necessary to manufacture the advanced structures of cutting-edge micro-chips continue to grow in difficulty and require ultra-fast, real time plasma control. Being able to control critical process parameters increases reliability, repeatability and finally yield. As the chip production becomes more complex with each technology node, it is key that each subsystem involved in the production of most advanced micro-chips is optimized for those new functions.

RF Generators and RF Matching Networks ignite the plasma and are key components in creating uniformity across the wafer using plasma processes. Controlling plasma is a critical step in enabling the next generation of higher performing tools responsible for leading-edge chip manufacturing. To build today’s advanced 3D structures, a configurable high-speed RF power system is necessary to control plasma behavior in microseconds and to optimize all aspects of the plasma environment to ensure full focus on process design for application engineers.

As Comet Plasma Control Technologies we know the requirements of leading-edge processes and offers disruptive process technology in the plasma chamber that makes wafer processing tools ready for the workloads of the future. To come up to the new demands of the semiconductor industry, we have introduced Synertia®, Comet’s RF Power Delivery Platform. The Synertia® RF Power System brings the interaction of RF Matching Network and RF Generator on a new level. Digital control technology, intuitive visualization and well-structured data organization allow actionable insights in the processes going on in the plasma chamber and provide a completely new level of control. The Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform enhances etch and deposition process performance with more functionality and flexibility and is thereby enabling the next generation of higher performing wafer processing tools.

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