June 29-July 1, 2023 in Shanghai, China

May 30, 2023

Our team welcomes you at booth #E2501 with our latest product innovation for RF power-based processes and invites you to join a live demonstration of our new Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform.


June 29 - July 1st, 2023


Shanghai, China



Discover our new Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform

Synertia®, Comet’s integrated RF Power Delivery Platform, enables the unprecedented power delivery control required by plasma process tools for the next generation of microchips. Synertia®, is the RF power system that ensures powerful command and control of plasma conditions at highest speed level. A system that allows to manage the complexities of multi-layer memory and atomic-scale plasma processes.

Quality testing of microchips and wafers

According to Moore's popular law, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) doubles every 18 to 24 months. Following the trend towards miniaturization, more and more functions must be fitted in the same space to save silicon area. As the microchip becomes more complex, so do the requirements concerning quality inspections. Comet Yxlon offers high-resolution and high-magnification X-ray inspection systems that were engineered to meet the challenges of IC and wafer testing.

The FXE series — Micro- and Nanofocus X-ray Modules

FXE X-ray modules are ideal for performing NDT quality control, offline inspection, and measurements of parts with defects from a few millimeters down to 0.5 µm. They achieve the resolution of finest details by a combination of ultra-small focal spots and a high optical magnification, i.e. the distance between X-ray generation and the object can be a small as 0.3 mm.

The FXE modules offer you the highest throughput in X-ray inspection application, thanks to high dose rates at any given focal spot size. Our high power targets the efficiently dissipate the heat generated by the highly focused electron beam and the active cooling offers superior stability, thus enabling fast and reliable scans.

The multi-focus FXE modules (FXE 160/190 nano CT) are not only suited for the nanoscale but for a wide variety of inspection task, thanks to its ability to asjust focal spot size and power based on application needs.

For more information about the show and floor plan, visit Semicon China's website.

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