Synertia® - the future of plasma control.

Synertia® is Comet's new integrated RF Power Delivery Platform that enables unprecedented power control.

Synertia®, Comet’s integrated RF Power Delivery Platform, enables the unprecedented power delivery control required by plasma process tools for the next generation of microchips. Synertia®, is the RF power system that ensures powerful command and control of plasma conditions at highest speed level. A system that allows to manage the complexities of multi-layer memory and atomic-scale plasma processes.

Semiconductor fabs are home to most advanced technology manufacturing. The plasma processes necessary to manufacture advanced microchips require ultra-fast, real time plasma control. A configurable high-speed RF power system is necessary to control plasma behavior and critical process parameters to increase reliability, repeatability, and yield.

The Synertia® RF Power Delivery Platform is enabling the next generation of higher performing wafer processing tools and enhances etch and deposition process performance with more functionality and flexibility. It brings the interaction of RF Generators and RF Matching Networks to a new level. Digital control technology, intuitive visualization and well-structured data organization provide actionable insights in the plasma processes.

Disruptive process technology in the plasma chamber, enabled by Comet's RF power sub-systems, makes wafer processing tools ready for the workloads of the future.

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