Fast-tuning technology for more powerful electronic devices

As a leader in plasma control, Comet Plasma Control Technologies paves the way for innovative semiconductor process technologies.

These technologies revolutionize communication, information, mobility and technological progress and also ensure the sustainable future of our planet and the well-being of our society.

Comet Plasma Control Technologies is a member of the Comet Group.

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Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.


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Connecting the dots between today and an innovative tomorrow

Joeri Durinckx, President Comet PCT

Unified in our goal to drive the evolution of the semiconductor industry, we provide our customers with precise tools to master plasma processes. Our entire team is committed to this mission.

Mission Statement

We empower new technologies.

For more than 60 years we are on a mission to explore the mysteries of plasma behavior with our customers to engineer and manufacture the most advanced RF power systems and diagnostic tools.

Our pioneering milestones and achievements


Foundation of Comet in Berne, Switzerland by Gerhard Steck as Company for Electronics Tubes Ltd

1960 - 1970

  • Birth of Comet Plasma Control Technologies: Board of Directors decides to diversify into the vacuum capacitor business
  • Delivery of first serial batch of Vacuum Capacitors to a Swiss broadcast customer

1970 - 1980

  • Sale of Vacuum Capacitors to a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer
  • Implementation of self-centering electrodes and one-shot design enabled by patented technology

1980 - 1990

  • Move into a new building in Berne, Switzerland and doubing of production capacity
  • Development of highly efficient water cooling for RF products with current up to 1’000 ARMS

1990 - 2000

  • Opening of subsidiary in Norwalk/CT, USA
  • Launch of patented innovative technologies: Drive System, Mini-Cap and X-Cap

2000 - 2010

  • Entry to the RF Impedance Matching Network business
  • Relocation of global headquarters to Flamatt, Switzerland
  • Relocation of US site to the Silicon Valley in San Jose/CA, USA
  • Opening of subsidiary including Manufacturing in Shanghai, China
  • Introduction of Vacuum Capacitor technologies: Integrated drive systems, Supra-Con and Drive system

2010 - 2020

  • Entry to RF Generator market by acquiring the german-based Stolberg HF-Technik
  • Opening of Korea subsidiary in Suwon, Korea
  • Inauguration of the technology and application center LabONE in San Jose/CA, USA
  • Introduction of Vacuum Capacitor technologies: Smart-Con, N-Cap and Trimmer-Cap

2020 - today

  • Relocation and expansion of German site to Aachen, Germany
  • Opening of Manufacturing site in Penang, Malaysia
  • Opening of Sales office in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Increase of production capacity in Switzerland and Malaysia
  • Lead time reduction of 30% for Vacuum Capacitors
  • Launch of Synertia®, the RF Power Delivery System, a system that allows to manage the complexities of multi-layer next-generation memory and atomic-scale plasma processes.

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