For almost 60 years Comet PCT is on a mission to explore the mysteries of plasma behavior with our customers to engineer and manufacture the most advanced RF power systems and diagnostic tools. Unified in the goal to drive the evolution of the semiconductor industry we provide our customers with the most precise tools to master the plasma processes. Connecting the dots between today and the innovative tomorrow.

Comet Plasma Control Technologies is a member of the Comet Group.


Matching  Networks

Matching Networks


Custom-designed MF, RF and VHF matching networks from 400 kHz to 170 MHz.

RF Generators

RF Generators


Full-featured RF generators from 13 MHz to 60 MHz and power from 600 W to 5 kW.

Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum Capacitors


Broadest selection of capacitance, power, voltage and drive systems in the market. 

Solutions for many industries

Comet PCT is a leading expert in RF power delivery and a global innovation partner of RF related businesses for almost 60 years. Our products have earned a global reputation for quality and reliability over a broad variety of applications. Customers are primarily manufacturers in the semiconductor and adjacent industries. Learn more about the industries we work for.


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